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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Come Away With Me

6" x 9" Digital Media

So here's the finished piece. I actually did a version of it with a girl in a red cloak walking in the path but I felt it kinda ruined the scale of the trees. The thing that intrigued me enough about this scene that I went ahead and painted it was the somewhat mysterious if not eerie lighting. Someone commented that he actually found the forest inviting... I guess that's due to the mystery that surrounds it and our natural curiousity to brave the unknown.

I was able to get some rest yesterday as it was a holiday in my country. Independence day to be
exact. I didn't slack off completely though since I also did some practice drawings of hands. I've been putting it off for the longest time but one of my goals is to improve my drawing skills so I gave it a whirl.

I think I sketch better with traditional media than on the computer. Maybe I'm having a hard time looking at my work and the picture when it's on the monitor. I can't explain it.

I decided to copy these from Clem Robin's book as a sort of excercise. I won't be painting skeletons but I still recognize the value of doing them... if only to know what lies underneath the skin and why the surface looks the way it does. I think it's more important for hands though as it's probably one of the parts of the body where the surface appearance is heavily influenced by the inner structure.

I copied poses with the skeleton and muscles exposed and then also did the versions with only the surface visible. I have to say that aside from the face (gah!) the hands and feet are probably the ones I find so much difficulty with. Such complex plains...

I finished off the day with another portrait excercise though it's only supposed to be minimal work. Something I'd like to incorporate into my website's interface when I finally get around to doing it. I only got as far as the sketch though.

<- Que Horror!!! Good thing it's only the rough sketch. lolz.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Caffeine Induced Painting

I've been staring at the reference pic for days. This weekend I finally got around to working on it. Too bad I wasn't able to finish. Anyways as I was feeling so sleepy last night I had to end with trying out the leaves. I'm definitely not going to stick with the leaves as it is here. It doesn't show the form clearly and the colors are too saturated. I think I may also have to fix that path as the ground seems to slope downwards where it shouldn't.

I noticed I could start a landscape (or any painting for that matter) by blocking in the colors but somehow I can't work the same way with figures. I really have to start with a skeleton on that one. :D

There's still lots of work to be done before I set this aside. I'm also thinking of putting a traveler on that path... something that could work as a focal point. I am satisfied with the established mood though (okay maybe just a little more contrast) .

-----------------------Update June 7, '06-----------------------

Eep! Now I'm not so sure if the leaves look better or worse...

Okay I'm thinking the trees in the foreground, their leaves don't work... it must be either too saturated or something with the shape? It's still in the wip stage but I'm thiking that needs changing.

Maybe the tree in the middle looks bad too. I may need to work the color a little more.