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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How's my hair?

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8" x 8" (ish. :D)
Digital Media

It still has plenty of issues but I'm so over this. lolz. Nah... I'll likely fix it some other time. What started out as a pratice piece turned into a casualty of OCD.

I have to remember to avoid the pitfalls of painting from a photograph in the future. Much lessons learned from this one. I bought a book on anatomy(and on on perspective) to cover my weaknesses. (clavicle vs ryan: clavicle = 1, ryan = 0. lolz) More reading and practice for me. Come to think of it my library is nearly good to go. I just need 3 more books perhaps.

Now I'm gonna get onto that bather... as soon as I can pry my hands off final fantasy tactics...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Starting Fresh

I officially ended my vacation last sunday with this image:

I'm still thinking on whether the features line up correctly. I think I've spent around 8 hours just obsessing over the sketch. lolz. Since this is a practice piece before I work on the planned bather for my portfolio, I decided to go ahead with it. I set aside the thinking pose for now. That one ended up looking like an Egyptian catamite. lolz.

This is where I'm currently at. Just managed to pick the palette and lay in the basic light and dark areas last night. I'm thinking of changing some of the colors... particularly the cool shadow which seems more gray than I'm going for. Hope I get far enough tonight so I can keep the time frame for this at 1 week only... I can hardly find time to do these paintings. I definitely have to learn how to paint faster.

Don't grow too attached to the line art. They will all disappear in the later stages. ;)

**********************************Updated 8-16-06 **********************************

Worked more on this last night. This is basically the application of the warm shadow and the cool lights. I think I made a mistake with the process... not so sure if its cool shadows first or warm shadows. Anyway I'll just wing it. The cheeks look really flat right now. Haven't gone into those yet. Maybe tonight or tomorrow night. It is a different band of orange.

This is the first time I've used such bold colors. Usually I keep them somewhat tempered... but I guess I just felt brave. :D Hopefully the image will be more formed when the warm lights have been applied. If it's not then I've done this all wrong and I'd have to go back 3 layers...
--------------------------------------Updated 8-17-06---------------------------------------

Added the warm lights last night. It is starting to take shape. I also clipped the legnth of the nose and cheeks a bit. It's kinda looking like the ref a bit except my work is a little more saturated. I was supposed to block in the rest of the features and the background but I was too sleepy.

Thanks to Kelandra this image will be saved. She kindly pointed out the poor girl's missing clavicles. Lolz. This is what I get for painting half asleep. lolz.

Now If I can only remember how to define brushes in painter I can actually go ahead with the background...
--------------------------------------Updated 8-18-06---------------------------------------

Just managed to do preliminary work on the background and blocked in the colors to be used for the hair. Still no clavicle but hopefully when I come back on tuesday this will not only be finished but also anatomicaly correct. ;)

hmm... blue and orange color scheme. That reminds me something. haha...

--------------------------------------Updated 8-18-06---------------------------------------

Weekends never turnout to be the way you expect them. :D I wasn't able to finish but atleast I got to push it further. I worked in the facial features. Also fixed the eyes a bit. The following the first sketch made her right eye wander around. The distance between the two eyes too were off so I had to adjust that. Pushed the skin tones further as well.

Issues issues. Why are there always issues... with my painting that is! I see countless things that need fixing and there's nothing worse than remembering a lesson or a rule of thumb more than halfay thru your painting. Too late to go back and fix some of the issues. I'll just apply them next time. Here's some of what I missed:

  • shadows are supposed to be less saturated than the tones in light.
  • shadows are supposed to be the complementary of both the local color and the color of the light.
  • well it's no secret. she still has no clavicle. :P
I'm liking how this is turning out afterall. (here's where the fulfillment comes. lolz) Maybe she'll go into my portfolio after all. hmm...
--------------------------------------Updated 8-25-06---------------------------------------

I just worked on the hair. I'm finding it difficult and right now I have mixed feelings with the result. This is how it looks without the sketch lines by the way. I figure I need to define the image more. Also spent some time last night looking at the issues that other artists pointed out. I think I got it. I'll spend the weekend finishing up and hopefully start the bather series. :D