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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He comes and goes...

Money Matters

What a day. Stock market gave up a few points today. I got hit several times. I don't want to look at my portfolio so I don't get emotional. lol September is proving to be the bloodiest month for me. Though nothing like last June when everyone was screaming it was the end of the world after seeing the DOW drop 200 pts over two days. Turned out to be a false alarm. Will the markets crash now after the barrage of good news going on in the world saying the economies are getting better? Now when we all talk about the credit crisis like it was a thing of the past and a distant memory? I don't think so. I'm not liquidating my positions because I think it's just buying pressure from people who want to get a piece of the pie before the next run up. Am I a fool or am I a genius? We'll find out tomorrow and in the coming days...

Then again if an actual trade war occurs between China and America... hello Great Depression par deux!

If I owed another country gajillions of dollars I wouldn't go pissing them off by imposing sanctions on their trade goods... that's just fucked up and proud. Especially when that same country is where I dump all my agricultural products.

Kanye West

What the fuck is wrong with the guy? A seventeen year old girl got an award. It was her moment and he goes stealing the scene and robbing her of her triumph. You don't always get awards for your career and when you do it's the sweetest thing. Then someone has to ruin your night? Forget that she was white and that he was black. Forget that you don't like her music. It's basic humanity to let other people experience joy and fulfillment in their lives. pfuh! I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift and I don't like her music but if she won then huraah for her! I won't jump on a stage to tell her she deserves it less than someone else. By the way... Beyonce won after all. Talk about jumping the gun. lol

Musical Keypressing

I'm still on that cheap 1.5k piano. lol I gave up studying note reading and my methodical piano lessons. I'm too impatient to keep going but maybe I'll pick up where I left off... maybe when I try study classical stuff. For now I just want to play the popular songs I like. So far I'm studying Apologize and a piano solo of Only Hope. No recordings yet... mainly coz I sing with the playing now. Who'd want to listen to that! :P


Dead. D-E-D... DED! No seriously... no works whatsoever. The ideas never left my head though... they're all still there rocking around along with a thousand different things. Somehow I can't sit down and get to work on them. I hope this plan I have to make a graphic novel comes to fruition. I got bits and pieces of the story (in my head) and ideas for the characters (also in my head) but so far chalk it up to no time/ not inspired/ too lazy or whatever reason. Maybe on a long weekend. We seem to loving holidays anyways. I think we've already spent about 1/4th of the year on holidays.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

More Piano Playing

The complete version with errors.

A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton (but not as great as her playing!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The thousand mile journey

Me on the piano *trying* to play a thousand miles

Well that's as far as I managed to get anyways. I had a better one but it had 3 things in it I did not intend to include. A dog barking, the sound of our servant sweeping in the yard and a Jeepney tooting the horn. lol

I haven't abandoned my artsy fartsy side yet. Just working out the story for the comic. Soon as I finish it I'll get on the panels and you'll start seeing some art in here just like before. Except maybe this time it'll come with some music. :P