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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Centurion, Power Extreme!!!

Just some quick pics of the newly acquired Centurion. I'm getting a nervous breakdown everytime I see the pinning job on the leg extensions. I hope they hold. :S

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

UFC with steam powered Robots!

The following pictures should all be clickable. Click em' an seem em' grow! :P

Meet Nemo. My favorite warcaster. lol He doesn't do much really, just a bunch of lightning tricks. I guess I like him more because he looks like a cute knock off of Albert Einstein. Who by the way was a Theist. His famous "God does not play dice!" quote says it all. OT: Sir Isaac Newton was also a firm believer in God. Just a lil trivia there. ;)

Extra spell caster and Jack handler. I like him more for the way he looks rather than what he does. Though he's pretty nifty as well. Reminds me of Galford!

Yet another fig bought for the looks. lol Yup I'm very consistent in that respect. Style before substance! It just so happened that after playing him the first time I realised how nice this solo is. hehe.

One of my fave warjacks. The armor piercing Gun he carries is very useful for taking out pesky mid sized models and ruining the day for Large based ones. Someone... *ahem* made a mistake of turning his back on the little geezer and tried to run away from combat. Mr. Hunter here whacked his predator knockoff in pieces. He maybe small but he carries a BIG gun... and an Axe! :P

I've yet to find good uses for this one. Right now he's there for the Arc Node. Didn't really get to bash someone's cortex with his shock shield thingamajig last time i played but it did a decent job of holding off a few units. My sacrificial model. *sigh*

Had the centurion been here this space would belong to him. Alas I have the unfortunate luck of having to wait for my order's arrival. Excited na ako!!! I wanna cut him up into itty bitty litew pwieces and put him back together again... like a surgeon. lol Oooh and Stormguards are a'comin. I love Cygnar. They're the only faction I can truly say is quite... Electric! ;)

Thought that was over huh? But wait! There's more! I have to tells you about the paintin! :P I decided to keep it blue but not so dark as the real Cygnaran colors. So I decided, Hey! let's neuter these overly saturated blues and so I got me some regal blue from GW and built it up to shadow grey (el progressibo le blending?) The result is what you see there. No the drab colors are not the result of photomanipulation (though I did fix this image and downed the contrasts to compensate for camera's value range). Everything else is pretty basic. Golds and stuff. As soon as I finish that Gunmage Cappy I'll proceed with the stormguard. Lastly I'm really torn on whether I should go do real OSL/NMM with the glows from the electric thingies. I'm afraid of ruining the paintjob. lol I guess we'll see in the coming days. :P