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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Into The Colorful World of Greys

...I set down my lance, symbol of duty. I spurn those whom i love.I relinquish all and take up the tools of my quest. No obstacle will stand before me. No plea for help shall find me wanting.No moon will look uppon me twice lest i be judged idle. I give my body, heart and soul to the Lady whom i seek...

So after months of working at it all i have to show is an unfinished model. The lance at the base of it remains unpainted and the flags need more embelishments as it looks so simple this way.

I'm begining to regret having painted the lord first. The things I've learned painting the five man knight of the realm unit (will post pics soon) would surely have made a lot of difference applied to this figure. Still... I am quite satisfied with the result, especially since the plan was to keep it simple with this one.

What is it about armored knights that I find so fascinating? I remember reading thru the Arthurian Legends since childhood. Perhaps it's not the way they look... perhaps its the ideals that they embodied. Sadly, the knights of literature are very different from their historical counterparts. Very different.


shink1m said...

Awesome NMM! I especially like the gold on the banner poles! ^_^

Linking you up on my blog ^_^

Salubri said...

cool. i really have to get myself a digicam. i'm nearly done with the 5 man KOR unit. finally... after 2 months!! :D

garrboy said...

his sword is still bent.

(and for once, i had nothing to do with it, no sir, nope, not at all)