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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blast from the past

Warning: This post has some nudity in it. I hope Blogger doesn't shut me down because of it. lolz.

I rummaged thru my old stuff and managed to find some drawings that survived from my younger days. I thought it would be nice to post these in the meantime. These were probably the first two drawings I made in full color. I copied them off the marvel cards that used to circulate before. I made these two with watercolors back in 6th grade. The paper I used then was oslo paper... it feels like tissue now. :D Oh yeah... in those days I didn't know how to draw very well so I did these with the scaling technique(it involves drawing crosshatches on the original and then drawing each part on a per square basis). The cards were tiny and this drawing fill a whole paper. Imagine my shock when I saw someone doing portraits in Robinson's Galleria and he was doing scaling on the pictures...

The rats managed to get to these two... sides of the paper were already eaten away. :( atleast the subject is still intact. Cammy and Chun Li from street fighter. It was done in mixed mediums... water colors, colored pencisl and some parts in oil pastels. Now those were my creative days. lolz. These two were done in highschool freshman. That reminds me of Heidi... where in the blazes is that girl. My first muse... we used to hang out together and she was always very timid. lolz.

Done during Freshman in highschool too. It was when the Dragon Ball Z craze began. Left to right: Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks and Broli in his weakest form. Dragon Ball was nice for awhile until they started being too powerful and the plots became too redundant... I remember watching three episodes of the Perfect Cell charging up energy and telling his life story at the same time while our beloved Dragon Ball heroes watched and listened. lolz. Mixed media.

These were from the appearance of the Druuna series on the Heavy Metal comics. The originals were done by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri. He's an italian(?) erotic artist. The comic series itself was extremely pornographic though... I did these in watercolors. I was in 2nd year highschool then... I remember coz that was also the first time I recieved love letters from a girl. Yup... imagine my shock. lolz.

These two I made in Sophomore Highschool. They were the last drawings I made in highschool before I stopped drawing. They were also the best ones in my opinion. The last 2 were copied from Image Comic's swimsuit edition. The one of Psylocke was from one of X-men Comic's R&R issues. I did these in watercolors. I had the last two laminated. This funny incident happened at school... I was in Home Economics class when I brought it out and all my classmates flocked to my seat and everyone was giving the Ooh's and Aah's when the teacher came in to ask what the commotion was about. She saw my drawings and looked at me with disdain as she was telling me that i should not bring "Pornographic Materials" in school. She confiscated them and I had to beg her in order to get them back. After two days she was convinced that they were my drawings and she gave it back to me... After that day, I had to hide in the CR everytime there was an art contest and the teachers would look everywhere for me. lolz. I hated competing. :D It added so much pressure on drawing and I always ended up staring blankly at my paper. Add to that the winners were always abstract works of art... far from my line coz i've always been strongest on the impressionist and realism techniques... I never liked abstracts... not that I can't appreciate it. :P
These were the only two paintings I made in College... somewhere around 4th year I think. The first pic was from an Ad for a bank... I just liked the colors. I did that one in water colors, on a now extinct paper. lolz. The second one was also from the Druuna collection by Seripieri. It was done on the same extinct paper... I wonder what happened to the manufacturer... You could use that paper on anything... Watercolors, Pastels, Charcoal... anything... it even gave a canvas like finish.

This I did about a few days ago. I made the stupid mistake of using a black paper for a snow scene. lolz. Nothing fancy... I did this doodle in less than 30 minutes. lolz.


shink1m said...

Wow straight outta Image! Those brought back a lot! ^_^

Salubri said...

yeah. lolz. i used to copy everything down to the lettering. i was interested in calligraphy for awhile. these days i don't think anyone still knows how to use a speedball(?). lolz.

garrboy said...


you're one of those disusting people who can virtually photocopy any visual art they see.


and, yeah, scaling is a perfectly legit method of blowing up a picture to mindblowing proportions. they do it all the time.


Salubri said...

yes. i *was* what the french painters lovingly refer to as.. a forger. lolz. sadly my original works are scattered and owned by highschool friends that i have lost contact with and my old sketchpads are missing... huhu.. so i have very little original work to show from my younger days. i'll probably fill this blog up when the vacations begin to pour in. >:)

yup scaling is a legit technique. the really good portrait artists do the paintings by hand though. i remember sitting beside that guy in cubao who does portraits for a living. i used to sit there for hours just watching him do his work. that's when i first developed a liking for chalk pastel.

Allison said...

Copying is NOT "forging"... you admit these are your own creations and not the original artists'! As far as I know, art students sometimes still copy great works in order to understand the techniques used. While Psylocke in a bikini is hardly a "great work", it's still not a bad way to learn.

I googled "Druuna" - luridly pornographic stuff (not that I mind that LOL!) but damn, the man is an amazing artist. His grasp of believable female form is far superior to most comic book artists, especially (to be honest) almost everyone who has worked at Marvel in the last 20 years... Of course, she is still an obvious male fantasy figure. But at least she does not have watermelon breasts and a 10 inch waist!

Salubri said...

serpieri has an amazing grasp of anatomy. male or female. :D he has some works that would pass for artistic and erotic nudes.

Allison said...

(off topic) - in reply to your comment on my blog: as I mention, the mermaid's water is gloss acrylic medium. I mix it, undiluted, with a tiny amount of blue or green paint. Then I apply it (with an old brush) in thin wavy layers, eventually there is a thick semi-transparent "water" built up. The top layer has little waves or ripples sculpted into it with the brush tip. The overall effect is reasonably plausible "deep water".

I've done shallow water this way too, by painting a pattern of creekbed cobbles on the base under the "water". It is, however, less convincing.