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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Autumn Attempts

Watercolors on Watercolor paper (340, rough).
9.5" x 6.9"
My first attempt at painting an autumn scene. I wonder if I'd do better if I've actually seen what autumn is like. My country is in the temperate zone. We don't get different seasons here... not that it's bad mind you... I would really hate to have to get up on the roof to shovel snow. lolz.

I am such an amatuer... my color selection looks only slightly better than kindergarden palletes. :D. I have one major regret with this painting... I should've detailed the fallen leaves instead of doing my usual impressionist style(coz that as you know is much easier. ;) ). Oh and that I wish I had more time to work on it... unfortunately I was racing against the setting of the sun for the obvious reasons. Recognizing color at night is much more difficult.

There my queen. I hope you like it. Do note that it looks much better here than it does in the real world. :D you'll just have to squint your eyes a bit every time you look at the real painting. lolz. I promise you that when I get better(which is real soon. ;) ) the very first masterpiece I make will go to you. :D


garrboy said...

my offer still stands.


it's a bit light and cheery, but i don't see anything "wrong" with your color choices.

(can anything be "wrong")

Salubri said...

like i told kyuzo. if people can't see what i did wrong then i'd rather keep my lips sealed. :D

i had this framed. cost me 600 buckeroos. that's a lot cheaper than the first painting i had framed... of course that was a huge one. the shop definitely won over. when i took the paper to them it was buckled like hell. they straightened it out before framing. 5 snaps for "Gallery Frames SM North Edsa". :D

garrboy said...

well hell, watercolor ain't my specialty. i'm more a draftsman and lineartist than anything else. :P

i have some nits to pick with the painting, but i don't see it as "wrong". i like to think i'm eclectic that way. :D