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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fire Neuron No 1,934,568!

Here's an updated version of the nude figure I started a couple of months back. At the time I stopped working on it the hair, hands and feet weren't done. It isn't what I hoped it would be but i can stop here for now. I think I'll always come back to this figure though to try out new things... since it's in digital media, I can easily change existing colors and apply new ones. I think I need to study how to do proper backgrounds for figure drawings... It looks so boring on white paper. :) I need a lot of improvement on drawing hands and feet too.

I dropped the color information here so I can do tonal analysis. It looks boring... hence my tonal values need work. Had I done the tonal values correctly, this should be a little more visually exciting than it is now. This Padawan has much to learn. lolz.

Here's a WIP I started last night. It's from an excercise in one of my art books. I found his color pallete and usage a little too vibrant for my taste though so I sort of neutered it a bit. Trees will be going into the foreground. Maybe I'll get to finish this later this evening. It's supposed to be a quick excercise but if my OC'ness kicks in... lolz.

I have to guard against my insane compulsion to smudge paint all around my projects. I think I keep overdoing it and they end up looking chalky and dreamy. I guess this guy isn't over those fingerpainting sessions in gradeschool. lolz. There's this part of me that giggles like a child every time I smudge, push, lift, physically(or in this case virtually) blend colors on the canvas(yep digital media has canvases too. :P).

I just have to say this. I love my wacom graphire. It's a good investment. :D

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