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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How's my hair?

No Title
8" x 8" (ish. :D)
Digital Media

It still has plenty of issues but I'm so over this. lolz. Nah... I'll likely fix it some other time. What started out as a pratice piece turned into a casualty of OCD.

I have to remember to avoid the pitfalls of painting from a photograph in the future. Much lessons learned from this one. I bought a book on anatomy(and on on perspective) to cover my weaknesses. (clavicle vs ryan: clavicle = 1, ryan = 0. lolz) More reading and practice for me. Come to think of it my library is nearly good to go. I just need 3 more books perhaps.

Now I'm gonna get onto that bather... as soon as I can pry my hands off final fantasy tactics...


Allan said...

nice works, you should try posting them at deviant art

Salubri said...

thanks. i'm actually on deviant art.


it's just a repitition of what i have here though.

thanks for dropping by. it's been a long time since we had that changeling email campaign. it was very enjoyable by the way. :D

Allan said...

no problem. rico and the others are doing their own eberron email campaign you can check it out at


perhaps you'd like to join them if you have the time :)

Salubri said...

i'm interested. i wonder if they remember me though. :D

aperire said...

wow! you're such a gifted artist. i wish i knew how to paint. i hope to see more of your works in the near future.

Salubri said...

Hey thanks!

I don't think of myself as gifted really. I just study and practice a lot. ;)

Plus being part of the great community on CGtalk is also a wonderful help. :D

aandreuccetti said...

Nice works here. Especially the step by step.