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Friday, February 02, 2007

Hello Mr. Tree. Will you pose for me?

I've been working on the background of this piece. I've left the girl untouched so she's pretty messy. I've also painted and repainted the tree leaves about a hundred times and took several reference pictures while walking around ateneo. lol it's a nice place for doing tree studies. :D

I'm seeing anatomy issues. grr...

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************updated February 6, 2007************

Dump and Run!

here's some progress on the current piece...

here's a lil speed paint. forgot to put in a few things. maybe no one will notice. :D all in all it's about 30-45 minutes :


Laura said...

Nice speed paint! The current WIP is progressing really nicely too. I'm looking forward to updates. :)

Salubri said...

Thanks for dropping by Laura! I read your profile and I must say... those modern art professors are what scared me into not going to Art School. lolz

I added your blog to my links btw. ;)