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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Painted Stuff

What can I say? I'm a fan of these dudes. Not only are they easy to paint but their abilities make them very flexible. They can take on both infantry and jacks/beasts. I'd consider these guys my staple grunts.

Managed to paint the Centurion last Sunday. I did a few sculpts. Not very cool but it works. Now if only I can keep these guys from chipping while playing. :(

I've been on a warmachine gaming mode lately. The guys at Fortress have been showing me the ropes. I'm learning the nasty stuff that other factions can do. Hopefully with enough experience I can formulate some strategies to counter the other factions. It's been a bit crazy at work. I've been running from building to building. lolz Fortunately the conference is ending this friday so I can resume my normal work. Lot's of things are starting to line up for me to do. gaah. Still, it's not so bad. Art life temporarily on hold. :)

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