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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Watching from above

"Liberty" Issue 1 - Part 1

Ryan sat on one of the railings as he looked down the street. He motioned as if to pinch one of the pedestrians...

They all look like tiny ants from up here. Just milling around doing their own thing. None of them even bothers to look up anymore. If one did they'd spot me in an instant. They never do. They're all trapped in their own lives. Just walking like everyone else. Talking like everyone else... like lemmings... you can hardly tell them from each other. At least from up here.

He stared down into the street and wondered if it was a mile long drop or if it was just yards. He was never good at distances and he never could tell the difference between the english and the metric system. He wondered why for some reason he lost that familiar sinking feeling in his gut whenever he looked down. Like somehow he wasn't afraid anymore.

In my mind I've always known I was different. My sister used to tease me when we were kids... she used to say that I was adopted. I have to say at some point I argued the matter inside my head. It wasn't true of course... the moment I started growing up, me and my sister started looking more and more alike. If I were adopted then so was she. Hehe... except we are the reflections of our parents...

He stared blankly at the busy streets and the dancing lights, his mind busy with what it was that made him the way he is... why his sister didn't seem to have it.

Or does she?

The ground beneath him began to pull away. The people in the streets became even smaller as he moved upwards. He took in the full size of the Makati Business district and how busy it was during the holidays.

Not one looks up anymore. Not even one.

He paused to ponder the uniqueness of his situation or...

Am I truly the only one? Am I that unique? Or is this some kind of abnormality and I'm nothing more than a freak of nature.

For a moment he stood there, suspended far above ground. Alone. Then he pictured himself moving thru the air, a particular location in his mind and as if slave to his will... the unseen force that has been his new found ally and constant companion pushed him forward slowly, gracefully.

Am I truly the only one here who can fly?

... and off into the horrizon he went.


Most people seem to notice the pretty girl by the door of every Starbucks coffee shop. Anezka Petrovsky was very hard to miss. Even in Makati City which is where most foreigners tend to stay... she was an eye catcher. But while every male eye in the room was glued to her alabaster white skin and deep red hair, she was so intent on looking up at the man who not a few moments ago sat atop Ayala Tower 1. She picked up her phone as soon as he left. She pressed on the speed dial and a female voice answered.

He's gone. It's like you said. How long was the file?

(Several pages long. It's a thick folder. I swiped it on my way out. I also managed to delete him from their servers.)

What do you want me to do? Should I follow him?

(No need. I know where he's going)

(Ana... be careful. What this guy can do... it's dangerous. Even for someone like you.)

Dear sister, I haven't met a man I can't handle.

... and Anezka Petrovsky got up with a smile on her face reminiscient of the first day she got her two Siberian Huskies. The door closing behind her signaled the death of the dreams of every man in the room.

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