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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Doon Sa Likod nang Ilaw, Paspasan ang Galaw.

Here's a few of what I've been working on. I've definitely set aside my knightly procession in favor of cracking up on my 40k backlog. Most of these are my playing pieces though. I usually don't go fancy over them. Someday when all my playing pieces are fully painted (and there's boxes of them mind you. :P) I'll be able to paint worthy display figs. For now you guys will just have to settle for these...

Exhibit A. The beginings of what will be Captain Sicarius of the 2nd Company. This is actually the first time I tried painting major shades into any of my Ultramarine figs. Since these are my playing pieces I don't really go to town with the painting. Until recently that is... I figured what the heck... Perhaps the characters should get some special attention. Yep... even if all he is armed during my games is a trusty bolt pistol and a close combat weapon. xP

The lower part of the body used to belong to my librarian which is now mounted on a bike. The head I took from a berzerker trooper and sculpted on the headress... a tribute to my current favorite game, "Rome Total War". He has a cape that I have yet to paint as is some of the other details present here. The original plan was to give him a tower shield to make the Centurion look more authentic but after sculpting on a few details it seems like the shield would cover most of the details I did... that idea is on hold for now. :D

Exhibit B. Here's my 2nd Assault Squad(and there's a 3rd on the way. ;) it's nice when you can drive the point of the lesson up close and personal. :P. I've always liked jump troops. From Mechwarrior elementals to Warhammer Assault Squads. I can almost see them jumping up and down the battle field and doing what they do best. Pester your opponent. >:D

These are mostly straight from the box. I just sculpted the tabard with greenstuff. I used an old terminator's storm shield as a combat shield. The hand flamers I made out of a cut up plasma pistol and some cadian flamers I traded from a local imperial guard player.

I've been working on a few others but I didn't bring them with me today. I'll put up a few images as I finish them. Those works include my new Tyranic War Veterans(surprisingly useful in battle), a revamped librarian on a bike, an attack bike and two speeders.

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