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Monday, December 12, 2005

Quickie Update

There he is. It's about 95% done. I just need to do his chapter symbol on the left shoulder pad and some more highlights here and there. The thing with metallics is that it looks gritty no matter how clean you paint them. Perfect for the drab and dreary world of 40k though.

I'm not so satisfied with the free hand. I should have used a fine detail brush but opted to settle with the triple 0. Metallics tend to ruin brushes faster than normal paint and I'm not dipping my 200 Php brush in those things. :P

Above: I thought I'd show the cape with the gold linings. I did that in metallics. I think It looks quite nice... just not up close. :D

Below: More shots on the free hand. I worked Captain Sicarius' insignia into the left shoulder pad. I should have chosen a yellow that leans more toward orange. I may redo that part in the future.

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