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Monday, February 20, 2006

One Sunday Afternoon

Nope. That's not the painting. :P You are looking at my look before you leap tool. I use this tiny piece of water color paper to test out my chosen colors. When this piece of paper starts to look harmonized then you'll know you picked the right colors. ;)
I think this piece of paper is proof that I'm still lacking in confidence and mastery of watercolors... I keep having to test out my brush load here before applying it on the paper.

Anyways on to the point of this post. I bought two books around late december to early january last year. It was Winsor & Newton's published books on watercolor landscapes and it's pretty helpful. It offered much insight into specific techniques or howto's on topics such as rocks, skies, mountains, water etc... I promised myself that I would test it out but I had to put that on hold as I've been otherwise preoccupied with... uhm... err... conquering the world. :D What can I say... watching 10,000 legionaires hack away at another 10,000 barbarians... it just brings tears to my eyes. (it saves me money too since I haven't been going out. :D)

Fortunately I realized that this was taking me away from my... ahem... artistic retraining so yesterday I picked up a piece of watercolor paper dipped it in warm water for a minute or so, hung it to dry and when it was stretched I went on to make this:

Lake Scene No. 1
10.7" x 7.2"
watercolors on watercolor paper(340 gsm)

So there's my somewhat successful painting. lolz. I did the excercise advised in the book. Followed his chosen palette and found that for the first time it actually matches the colors that I have in my box. :D

Here are a few things I learned in this excercise:

  • Never wear white shirt and shorts when you paint. One way or another the paint ends up on it. :P
  • It's possible to finish the painting in around 30 mins to an hour. I just spend so much time walking around, watching TV, eating, doodling and day dreaming in between sections that I end up finishing it in 4 hours. lolz. yep I take the term Leisure Painting to a whole new level.
  • Slow moving persons like me have 1 in a million chance in becoming a watercolor master if I don't change... atleast when I'm doing watercolors(hehe...). The timing is critical and my sky is clear evidence. I realise that preparing the colors you will need to paint a section (ex: sky) should be prepared in advance when you're painting wet-in-wet(watercolors... duh!). This becomes even more important if it will be necessary to lift colors at the end.
  • I have to remember to fade the colors as it goes farther so that depth is simulated.
  • I should use more water when I'm doing a section in which color lifting will be necessary.
  • I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. I must face my fear, I must let it pass thru me. When my fear is gone only I shall remain. Oops... got carried away there. :P
That's all folks. Till next painting session. ;)
p.s. first one to find the house gets a kiss from me... you know tiny chocolates from hershey's? yep... just one. :P
5:14 p.m. - Here's a little something I doodled in Photoshop while waiting for my off. :D

Painted with a mouse... I think I'll have to rest my arm for 7 years. lolz

It looks like crap but atleast I'm discovering new things. I made custom brushes on the fly and used and abused the dodge and burn tools. I think that mountain looks silly... don't get me started on the rest. lolz.

Would it be too much to ask if someone gave me a gift one of these days and when I open the box it turns out to be Corel Painter? Yeah... that would be too much...


Kyuzo said...

i think you're on the right track. have you tried painting other than inside you're "studio"? like outside, closer to mother nature and away from distractions/comforts of home? that might help.

Salubri said...

haven't tried painting on scene. we used to do that way back when I was still in Mr. Seña's class. I don't know of any good scenes close to home though and taking a roadtrip is out of the question for the time being. my sched isn't getting any lighter.

Allison said...

Yay, comments are back! As usual your w/c work is kick ass. Very beautiful and tranquil. Great water. The mountains are much better than your Photoshop ones :)

Salubri said...

Thanks Allison! So how is the work on Cthulu?

The mountains are much better than your Photoshop ones :)

I know. lolz. I was so obviously struggling with those photoshop mountains. :D