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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Photoshop WIPs

figure 1.1 - Sketchlines Showing
figure 1.2 - Sketchlines removed on the somewhat finished parts.
It looks almost as if it was done with chalks...

figure 1.3 - Added hair last night. Wasn't able to finish though.
I also thought of adjusting the colors to something warmer and stronger.
Made some changes to the shadows... I think I like it better now.

After several days of searching thru the net for my tablet drivers I finally brought home one that worked. Obviously I was so excited that I jumped right in. The above is the product of last night's burst of excitement(no not that kind! :P).
The pose is from a black and white photo that I traced in the computer. Admittedly my drawing skills has suffered the most after my extended break(12 years?) from traditional painting. Since the point of the excercise is to get a feel of the digital painting media I just opted to do a quick trace using Photoshop's layers(kinda like tracing paper technique. ;)). I then proceeded to paint in.
By 12:14 a.m. I was too tired to continue work on this and decided to just set it aside for another day. Looking at my unfinished work, I realised the following:
  • My brush style needs work. It comes out too gritty than I'd prefer.
  • I can paint and sketch more steadily if I keep the button assignment on the pen tip as "left click". Switching it to the 2nd button makes painting unsteady...
  • I need to get used to the weight at the top of the pen. (the wire connecting the pen to the tablet adds weight and has a certain pull which interferes with my strokes... hoping for wireless just about now...)
  • I need to learn how to blend colors seamlessly...
  • The smudge tool is really evil...
  • I need to learn when to use the blur tool and how to use it correctly.
  • I may have used the wrong color for the shadows. it didn't come out the way it should.
  • That I truly needed to sleep...

Linda Bergkvits' tutorials are great help.


Thursday, Feb 23, 2006

I tried doing hair as it is described in Linda's tutorial. I wasn't able to get into the greater part of the detailing. It involves making lots of tiny strands that follow the flow of the hair... It's gruelling but I have to say that I've never had so much fun painting hair before.

I also decided to test color adjustment. I tested it out on figure 1.3 and the colors came out okay but I don't know if I'll keep it.


Allison said...

Wow! That's an amazing drawing. Clearly I need to drop by here more often! I'm deeply envious considering I still can't draw the chair from drawing class very well :(

Salubri said...

allison you are just too kind. :D
thank you.

however i did not sketch this one. i merely traced the model's outline using some photoshop tricks(this came from a picture). i was in a hurry and the point of the excercise was to get a feel of painting skin tones anyway.

i should remember to post an updated picture of this. it's been awhile and i have yet to resume work on it.

try grabbing a copy of Clem Robinson's book on figure drawing. it's pretty informative. hopefully i'll be able to practice what i've learned from it in the near future. :)