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Monday, September 04, 2006

Back in the day...

So after doing the initial sketch for my original idea on that bather piece I realize the pose looked absolutely uninteresting. I then opted to forego this piece for now and work on something else. After a few minutes of rummaging thru my reference pictures I found an old old image of a nude girl in seated position. I remember asking the photographer Mr. Dan Cardish for this pic. I emailed him after seeing a small thumbnail on it in his website. I told him that I'd like to use it for the painting and he obliged by sending me a larger image of the file. It's still in low res as he took the picture back in mid to late 90's. It was also around that time that I asked him for this picture.

I told myself someday I'd do this painting. Those were the days of my burnout... too many things were happening in my life and I was too distraught to pickup a brush and paint. In my heart though I knew I would always come back to this. One of the three things in life that move me. Now that, to quote a good friend "happy days are here again!" it's time I finally do this and get around to finishing it. ;)

So where's the picture? hehe... that will come in time. I only just began the initial sketch yesterday and there's nothing concrete enough to post. In the meantime I leave you with these horrid looking *things*:

They were all painted with a tiny and ugly genius tablet when 'pen pressure' was a futuristic concept (i think). All done in 99' when I had no knowledge of photoshop(I still can't use it to paint effectively today. :D). The first one was a paintover of an image from, once again, Druuna ;) , the other two are doodles. I used to like comic book and anime styles. I like keeping these things. I can always look back to them and see where I began. Keep my feet grounded. :D


Allison said...

Ah... Druuna. A very sexy character but very telling about the artist's own preferences ;) Sort of like Robert Crumb's art I guess LOL. Admittedly these pieces are not up to your current standard but still, better than most of us could do - at least with a pen tablet.

Salubri said...

haha! yeah. in those days my drawings ranged from the scantily clad to women in full birhtday suits. lolz.

hmm... googling robert crumb. ;)