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Monday, October 02, 2006

Make it stop!!!

Digital Pencils, 22" x 31"

It looks nothing like the reference I used. This is the one I've been working on and off for the past few weeks. It's got lots of issues but I'm stopping this right here... or atleast I'm trying to stop. lolz

Everytime I see the issues I end up working at it and can't put the pen down... I'm likely to super work on this before I have the full size printed. It'll be a custom print because of the unusual size. Kodak actually prints custom sizes but they say it'll take 2 weeks since they have to send it somewhere and pick it up afterwards. The original plan was to do it in color and not in greyscale but I'm having trouble seeing the details of the miniscule ref. For the time being this will remain in black and white.

So I've done portraits and I've done a bit of figure... I think it's high time I get to work on real pieces so I have something original to submit. Jay's suggestion of doing a series sounded good to me so that's what I'll do next...

p.s. she looks like someone my friends know but at the same time tend to not like... XD


friday, October 6, 2006. -- *update*

As we say in my country. Kamote! I can't stop working on this thing. We're having a love hate relationship this girl and me. lolz After getting some good feedback from a friend and CGtalkers I decided to take it up again and keep fixing the issues... also having it printed made me realise it could be a potentially good piece (in an amateurish sort of way). So now I find myself sleeping late and waking up early in an effort to push this piece further in the right direction. Oh and help me but I can already tell I'm going to end up coloring this after the grey scale is finished. Waaaah...

Very messy. Added legnth and girth to some stuff. I think I'll end up rendering as much of the muscle groups as I can so the next print out will look even better... maybe have it mounted. :D

Updated October 10, 2006

Not much to say. Just an update. I have yet to work on both hands and the right leg. Hopefully the remaining issues will be easier to fix.


Kyuzo said...

does she have a phone number? +P

Salubri said...

i bet she does. we can get in touch with mr. cardish who took her photo. :D

i have to warn you though. my reference pic is 10 years old. lol

Kyuzo said...

that would make things a little complicated. lolz.

aandreuccetti said...

hi salubri, nice to meet you on blogspot and on cgtalk.
I don't know if this painting looks like the photo reference yuo used but surely this paint looks very well done.
The only thing (as I mentioned on cgtalk) is the left arm a little bit too small respect the body.
But all considered I like this piece.
See you soon

Salubri said...

thanks. i'll get on fixing what you mentioned as soon as things stop being crazy here in the office.

thanks for dropping by! :D