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Monday, November 27, 2006

Church Bells and Wedding Vows

Thankfully not mine. :D I have, however been commissioned to do the background for a wedding invitation. This ugly sketch here is the basic idea for it. I just did this in the office with a mouse(booo!).

The scene is supposed to be the silhoutte of two lovers in an intimate pose with a lovely sunset in the background. This is a sketch of a poster in my parent's room. Just trying to get a feel for the work.

On another note I had my niece come over this weekend and I finally got to make her do some excercises that were aimed on being able to see her skills. I made her do a landscape, a figure and still life, which I setup hastily using some old vases and some fruits from a local store(which includes a yummy melon that i feel like turning into a shake sometimes soon). She's a 2nd grader and I think her drawing is much better than most people in their late twenties. lol. So I opted to take her on as my student. She can visualize shadows but not subtle values and she still suffers from typical childish impatience. Still there is much promise in her. Trained early and with a watchful eye she could turn out to be a great artist someday. So the only thing that really bothers me is if I can live up to the task of being her mentor... atleast until she learns all she can from me. Anyways... no better way to do it than to break one's teeth on the wall, to quote miss Serena De Biasi.

******Updated Nov 28, 2006******

So here's a juggled concept of both the picture that the client had and my fumblings at making it more simple. There will be two lovers kissing (or almost) on right side of the beach beneath the setting sun. Still lots to do with this one. I'm kinda struggling with the color consistency a bit. The full size is 5r (7.5" x 5" if we have it right).

******Updated Nov 29, 2006******

Alas the commission was dropped. Anyways far be it for me to not finish what I've started so here it is.

"Lover's Sunset"
7.5" x 5"
Digital Media


Kyuzo said...

its a shame that final product was dropped. it's a good piece IMO.

Salubri said...

thanks. it was probably not what he was looking for. supposedly this sort of thing happens often in the business.

aperire said...

keep on! you have great talent =)

Salubri said...


thanks! :D