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Friday, July 20, 2007

A librarian you say?

I finally got to do some work on this piece. You can see I cheated a little with the staff's pole. hehe. I just don't know how to do it otherwise. Though I've seen other artists who are far more talented draw a straight pole from their tablets... I'm not that kind of artist! :P Shoot... I can make a acceptable straight line with pencil and paper... but doing that on a wacom is a little hard.

I changed the position of the right hand so that the staff would slant a little. I thought making it straight would kill the pic. I might modify the left hand a bit. Make the fingers look more natural.

I'm still having problems with the robes... particularly in the creases and folds... so far I haven't had any references for this drawing other than the ram's skull of which I had no idea since I don't remember drawing one before. I'll definitely be using references once the background starts. There will be smoke, some fires and I have no idea how to do the ground. lol

-------------------Updated 7-21-07-------------------

Sketched in the Force Staff. Not much to say really. That's all I did. :)

Happy weekend everyone! ;)

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