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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The making of Chronos

Adding in some more details. Managed to find the shape of right shoulder pad, though I'm still not sure about the position. Changed the belt to resemble the miniature more. Which I find funny because this IS supposed to be the concept art! lol

I'm not too satisfied with the left chest cable. I'll try changing that this weekend. Maybe make it hug the shape of the chest more. I'm still torn on whether to correct the details so it sends the message that its moving along the planes but it's a minor thing so I might let it go altogether. I'm still blank about what to put on the stomach part. perhaps some cabling/actuators thingamajig.

Okay this is just a minor update before going into the weekend. I'm still a bit groggy from last night's gimick.

----------Updated 07-16-07----------
It's still pretty messy. I'm just cleaning it up as I go. This is basically how I work in the details. Mostly I just sketch things on top of another layer and clean it up if it looks good. This way if it doesn't suit the subject then I just erase it and sketch in a new one.

For the details I thought of putting some battle honors on him. You can see the typical deathwing feathers here and there plus librarian iconography. Some, like the medals on his waist and scrolls dangling at his side still have to be finalized. The ram skull sketches on the shoulders and chest plate I'll probably do later today. I didn't really get to work on it last weekend coz I had my brainz dripping thru my nose. :D I'm still stumped about how to do the folds on his robes. harumph!

The runes on the trim of his chest plate are readable. If it's hard to read ask me to post the close up. It should be easy enough to guess if you're a loyalist space marine. ;) (click the picture to enlarge)


The Meanderer said...

astig si chronos ah...
now this is what i call reverse engineering...

Salubri said...

thanks man. hehe... you know i've been thinking about turning the deathwing chronicles into a sort of fan-written comics. feeling ko lang kasi ang laki nang scope if i have to do everything myself. :D