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Monday, May 28, 2007

Fan Art?

Dark Angels Librarian on teenie winie sketchpad.
Done with super cool rotring mechanical pencil contraption!

The last time I made fan art was in highschool, but I suppose this one falls in that category. I keep a handy dandy mini sketch pad in my bag and while waiting for La leona de los Velazcos last saturday, I decided to doodle an idea I had for a miniature. Its based on art from Codex: Dark Angels. I spotted a teenie tiny terminator standing in line behind Azrael and I thought: "What if I made my librarian look like that?" So it was that while I enjoyed a Latte at Coffee Bean Gateway last saturday that I began doodling my idea. No reference except what I remember of terminators (and I've done lots that I think if I suffered amnesia it's the last memory to go).

A funny thing happened once I reached makati(I stayed at coffee bean for 20 or so minutes). When I got tired of roaming around the mall I decided to sit down in one of those comfy benches and continued doodling. Before I knew it there were kids flocking behind me and some were calling their mom's to show my drawing. lol Prior to that some girl from across the bench was eyeing me with a wicked grin on her face. No I wasn't dreaming... that was my spidey senses warning me. Four years earlier I would have gotten off my seat, sat beside her and started making conversation but that day I was waiting for the woman who captured my heart, with a wicked cool gift in tow. It was a our 3rd year anniversary. :)

p.s. will post the miniature sculpt soon. it has a slight variation with the drawing. particularly the torso.

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