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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Julie Julie Julie

Here's the progress on that portrait so far. It just needs a little more tidying up. I think I'll leave it as is... for now. A guy has to realize when something is beyond repairing. lolz. I'll do another one of julie again soon. She's my fave. ;) Like you can't tell. lolz.

I recently started work on an original composition. I hope it turns out okay. I'll post when the sketch is done... I figure I'll have to stop in the middle anyways since I have to do someone's portrait real soon. :D


shink1m said...

OMG! *jaw drops*

I can do anime and comic book-style drawing, but capturing real life is beyong me! Awesome, man!

Salubri said...

thanks. :D

i actually had to do over 1 week's worth of retouches before it even came remotely close to julie. sadly it ended there. remotely close. lolz.

garrboy said...



hanggang comics and lineart lang akow, leche.

Salubri said...

thanks. :D

it's not really very different from that garr. comic art still makes use of the same basic concepts. they just morph the forms a bit.