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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Know Yourself

So I've been trying to do someone's portrait over the weekend but I guess it was one of those days where the Artsy Bug decided to take a break and fly off somewhere. I just couldn't draw or paint decently even if my life depended on it. :(
Anyway I figured the best way to aproach that situation was to fall back, regroup and try again. I bought another mini-book(I'm turning into a bookworm), a sort of trouble shooter for painting. I found some stuff that would be useful and I think I'll try again either tonight or tomorrow night.
The recent fiasco left me pondering upon my own skills and I came upon the following conclusions:
  • My drawing skills suck.
  • I am too shy around color. Must be my penchant for less saturated colors...
  • I have not done a whole piece and so I'm not so good with making the subject "blend into the background".
  • I need to work on hands, feet and faces.
  • I take too long to finish.
  • I need to do more perspective and foreshortening.
  • Composition is my weakest spot.
  • I don't think I have a problem with concept art... I just have a problem with transfering my concepts to canvas. Must be my lacking skills...

So I'm going to work on each of these weak spots over the next few months. Practice practice practice... I think I will have very little time for anything else. Art truly is a cruel mistress. lolz.

I've been looking at works by Craig Mullins and some impressionst works... I think I'm starting to like them and I see their values specially when creating quick sketches and snippet arts. I'm not denigrating them(I obviously see the skill required to do a full size impressionist work), it's just this is how I view it because I would rather develop those into fully detailed paintings. :D heck! I'm a realist, what do you expect?


Kyuzo said...

maybe you should add to the list, "give yourself some credit from time to time to get you going and strive to improve".

love the impressionist/realist argument. lolz.

keep it up.

Salubri said...

well, that doesn't really count as a weak spot does it? j/k. :P

thanks for the compliment dude. i'm sure it was in there somewhere. lolz.

i've been staring at pictures of nicole hernandez and i think when i get to memorize every curve of that girl's face i'd use her as a model for most of my future female works. i never get tired of staring at her face. lolz.