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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

So I was left at home, feeling sick and nothing to do. After staring at Mr. Bouguereu's insane paintings I had an epiphany with the colors(which is very likely to be wrong.lolz.). Anyway I thought I'd try it and this was the result... well as far as I had gone anyway.

So I'm applying some of the stuff I've learned from observing Mr. Bouguereu's works, Mr. Loomis' tutorials and one other Portrait Artist who's name I can't recall now... it's a hodge podge of lessons. lolz. At any rate I figure the coloring probably has these elements: midtone, cool shadows(i just call them that. i don't know if the term is right), warm shadows(or stronger shadows), warming color, lighter tones and then highlights which were used sparingly. There's lots to do with this one coz the face still looks flat... I'm kinda struggling with the lip color as it looks like lipstick... I was gunning for something more natural.

I learned something precious yesterday... I remembered how Linda keeps saying flip your work from time to time to get a fresh look and so I tried to do it. To my horror the portrait I've been painting for nearly 8 hours (ahem... I wasn't feeling well and kept dozing off from time to time. lolz.) was crooked as the road to Baguio. lolz. Well I fixed that one and ended up with an almost symetrical face... which might not be a good thing. :P

update: May 18, 2006

I have never done a face in color until today. I have to say that this is all so very difficult for me. Not only do I have to think about the mathematics of color but I also have to know exactly the kinds of planes present on the face in order to shade it properly. She's looking kinda strange right now. Anyway here's the to do list:

  • The right side of the face is too wide... need to chop off some excess there.
  • The eyes look weird, pasted and highly unrealistic.
  • Haven't completed painting the lashes.
  • Make the lips look more natural.
  • Make the eyebrows appear more natural?
  • Complete rendering of the nose.
I'm hoping I can finish it this weekend. I also figure I should do more speedpaints so as to buff up my efficiency. Right now I work too long to get only few results.

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