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Friday, May 26, 2006

Little Red Ribbon

Well there she is. Weird hair, little ribbon and earless. lolz.

What was supposed to be no more than an excercise in painting a face and getting construction right turned into a whole portrait.

I have yet to work on the ears and I might give her earings too. Maybe a few more refinements here and there to make her look more alive and to fix some of the flaws.

I'm still somewhat ashamed of posting my works on cgtalk though that doesn't really stop me. So many great artists there who are always ready to offer advice and help.

This is a face study that should go into a painting in the future. It is of a greek woman. I like ancient greek clothing. It's so simple but I find it so attractive on a lady.

This padawan has much to learn and re-learn and the year is closing on me fast. I have to make more time for my painting and get a lot of practice in before next year. Hopefully plans come into fruition.


Allison said...

Holy cats that's an amazing painting! Clearly I need to visit here more often, I've been missing your best stuff!

She looks sweet and innocent but very thoughtful, for some reason. There's something about the slightly pursed lips, she looks not "disapproving" but... a little bit concerned at something untoward.

Salubri said...

thanks allison. i actually like how the drawing of the face turned out. unfortunately i made a lot of newbie mistakes with the palette selection. i ended up graying most of the skin tones instead of leaving it saturated and fresh.

i'm working on somethings. hopefully the skintones will be better this time around. :D