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Monday, May 22, 2006

The uninspired

I've been feeling quite a bit drained these past few days. I've been feeling like my creativity is chained to the wall... along with the rest of me. Anyhow the above two are just quick sketches... i did them in tada!!! 5 minutes. :P Yeah yeah they look like shit. I know. Kinda like my emotional state right now. The bottom pic is an impression of a memory I have from a visit to zamboanga. I remember walking around at the shore during 1 a.m. in the morning as I was having trouble getting some sleep. The fishermen were out at sea and they looked like fireflies in the horizon. There were hoards of them lining the water. I felt like sitting and staring for hours ... until I realized I was alone... on a beach that had absolutely no lights. lolz.

Did some work on the portrait. Mostly just minor touches. I'm kinda happy with how adding the lashes and making them stronger breathed new life into her. I made a lot of mistakes with this one and my shadows were incorrect. I'm too far along to fix it now though so I'll go ahead with this and save the lessons learned for the next project. I have to remember not to give into my smudgeaholic urges as it results in some colors dissappearing. lolz. In this one my midtone became a casualty. I kinda lost the transperency too... she orgininally had that angellic glow present in most pale skinned women. Now it's gone gone gone. All because I go crazy with blending. :D

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